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November 1st, 2004 Newsweek Article - See Full Article

Good Morning America was attracted to Melrose because of principal Sue Graham's efforts to tame the cafeteria several years ago. Relying on research that indicates calm surroundings create calm students, she hired St. Petersburg artist Lauren Smith to paint floor-to-ceiling murals of restaurant scenes in neutral colors. She bought scaled-down tables that are just the right size for young children, draped them with linen table cloths and topped them with green plants. Then she introduced the most important element: a full-size replica of a traffic light - a Talk Light that manages noise levels in the cafeteria.  

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SOUTHAMPTON - During the lunch hour in the cafeteria at the William E. Norris School, what looks like a yellow traffic light is flashing as first and second graders wave the peace sign above their heads.

Hampstead - Central School installed a "Talk Light" in the cafeteria about two months ago, according to Principal Dillard Collins. Using simple technology, the Talk Light teaches children self-management in that noisiest part of the school day known as the lunch period, while also enabling staff to maintain discipline without yelling or whistling over the children's voices.

Customer Feedback


Suzy Woodard, Principal at Minshew Elementary:  " About five years ago, another principal and I saw the Talk Light displayed at a summer TEPSA conference and each ordered one for our campuses. Since then, I have ordered 2 more Talk Lights for other campuses where I have been the principal. The Talk Light is a great "visual" for students -- they know it's time to scale back on their voice level when the colors turn to flashing yellow or red. The Talk Light is a great tool for helping students learn to manage their own behavior and it helps our students to enjoy a peaceful lunch."

Susan Graham, Principal at Melrose Elementary:  " We don't want the children to come in and be silent for 30 minutes," Graham said. "My goal was always that they would talk during lunch but that they would monitor their volume, and they're doing it. It's not even controlled chaos anymore."

Dillard Collins, Principal Hampsted Central School: Collins said "The lunch period provides a necessary break in the instructional day, a time to socialize, but "also have some social graces." With the inevitable social noise, the Talk Light sends "a consistent message day to day," without subjective judgments that might be affected by moods - or a week of indoor recesses. He acknowledged parental concerns over cafeteria noise and discipline made the light even more appealing.

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